8 months

Today Calli is 8 months old. We are having a BLAST.
She is crawling so fast, EVERYWHERE! She is eating just about everything. Mostly pureed but recently we tried chunks of chicken and some veggies. Last night we had pastina and she LOVED it. Lately she has had some trouble sleeping through the night. I figure it is because she is so mobile and learning so many things. I hope it ends soon; mama needs some sleep. She has pretty much grown out of the 9 month clothes and I need to start to incorporate the 12month stuff. That is blowing my mind! Every day she looks bigger! She loves to play and listen to music and spends a lot of time babbling, screeching and and laughing. We are having so much fun! She really loves the Christmas tree.
Can't wait for the break so we can have some fun!
Ciao for now peeps!!

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