Calli has her two bottom teeth and about two weeks ago got a tooth on top. Yesterday I noticed that the other front top tooth is just about to break through. Teething is probably the hardest thing that we have had to deal with. She doesn't have any way of telling us that something hurts or that she is uncomfortable. She is usually such a happy go lucky baby, that when she does start to whine because of the teething or from her shots, my heart breaks for her. Tonight was exactly one of those. She was super happy when I got home from work. She ate her dinner really well and ate a lot. Afterwards we sat and were playing a bit and she started to whine. She usually does at about 6pm so I thought she wanted to nurse a bit, which she did, and fell asleep for about 40 minutes. She woke up really cranky and not able to be soothed or distracted by anything. I finally took her upstairs to get ready for bed and it took me almost 45 minutes to get her to relax and go to sleep. Mind you 10 or so minutes were spent trying to get the massive boogers out of her nose. She hates when I clean her nose and the boogers just sit there and get really hard and difficult to get out. That was probably TMI, but if you are still reading then maybe not!  In any case it was a tough night for Calli girl. I sense that she won't sleep all night and may need some acetaminophen to help her sleep later. She fights me on that too... she's a tough one this one!! Ok. Enough about boogers and teething...

Hope you are enjoying your Friday night!
Calli's teething


PS. I think she looks like me in the top right hand pic. :)

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