Busiest Bee

I have not had a night at home in forever... at least not without 20 other peeps here. :) This week and weekend proved to be just as busy as last week.
Monday I was at the gym and stopped to see Bridge and Ed, Tuesday night I had to run to the store to get a few things, Wednesday I ... um... can't remember... well I know I went to bed super early. Thursday was the Gimme 5 dance party in Hartford, I was really excited about it and then didn't spend a lot of time there because I was battling a crazy headache. Friday night I had the distinct pleasure to celebrate one of my favorite lady's birthday. She doesn't celebrate often so when she does you better come out! Today I went to the gym and then got my hair did and then ran a few errands. I am now waiting for some peeps to come over so we can plan a day trip for next weekend. After that I will head into West Hartford to celebrate with some friends on their recent wedding and upcoming addition to their family. Whew. Told you I was BUSSSSSEEEEEEYYYYYY.

(the pic is my new do)


Encarna said...

I LOVE the new 'do!

Unknown said...

I like the new do too! Can't wait to see you guys!