Sunny days and Chilly nights

It is the BEST thing about this time of year. Gorgeous sunny days that look really enticing but are cold and crisp. Really chilly nights that you need a blanket and some cocoa or tea to keep warm with. Love em!
The Festival of Lights has started at Constitution Plaza in downtown Hartford. Scrooge and Tiny Tim helped Santa flip the switch to light the lights. It is a fun time and nice outing. If you've never seen it... do it. But bundle up because the wind downtown can be fierce. What other things are there to do in the winter? I've been trying to come up with some good ones (that don't involve shopping, or the mall) to do with the hubby. We try to do Fantasia in Goodwin Park too.
And now the season in here. Plenty of shopping and gathering and and and...
Love to all...
PS. I get to hang with Santa this weekend at Hartford Stage.


*the mama said...

don't forget the decaf....mmmmm

Chris McManaman said...