Working for the weekend

Hi all,
Things are really crazy these days... as always. Miami was fun. While I was at the conference brushing up on my marketing skills G was hanging in the room RELAXING... ugh. Saturday when the conference was done I hightailed it back to the hotel and sat by the pool with a mojito and it was all worth it. I feel smarter :)
The flight was good... the descent always does a number on my ears. I have developed a bit of a vertigo problem over the past couple of years and the flying does NOT mix well with the vertigo. I've been suffering all week and am actually home today because of it. They are painting my office and he fumes coupled with the vertigo... I am home popping the meclizine.
The countdown to Thanksgiving is ON!!! I'm looking forward to the Macy's Day Parade, the turkey and hanging with the families...
More soon...

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