December in all it's glory

Hi. I've been bad about posting lately... sorry.
December is here and here to stay. I'm not it's biggest fan as of yet because this weekend has been yucko! Friday was a realy hard day at work. One of those days that is just one bad/hard thing after another, on top of which it was LONG. I went in for 9am and headed home at 11pm. I had an event, opening night and my nephew to stay with me for the weekend. I had to run errands during the day and it was chilly.
Saturday started out innocently enough and then tumbled into the abyss of another bad day. The power went out at my house, I was late for yet another event at the theatre, looked a fright because there was no electricity to do my hair, LOST A VERY SPECIAL NECKLACE THAT MY FRIEND MADE ME, still had no electricity so my house was freezing, therefore having to miss a holiday party. Today topped this crazee weekend off with a birthday party at my sister's house. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBIE. I'm home now, the heat is on and I should be glad that the weekend is over... but of course we are expecting some nasty weather tonight/tomorrow and I was going to go x-mas shopping tomorrow. ARGH. I'm never gonna get it done at this rate!
BAH HUMBUG! I guess I'll stay home and clean since that needs to get done too!

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