Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Time to give thanks for the little things that we generally take for granted.
Here is my list
I give thanks for my hubby... you are always there for me when I'm whining and when it's time to celebrate. I love you, thank you!
I give thanks for my girlfriends... Leah, Ali, Heather, Debie, Tina. I can't list you all but I love you all for being there to listen and give advice and go shopping... all at once. You ladies are one in a million, and that makes me SUPER lucky. Thank you.
I give thanks for my amazing family. For all the support, unconditional love, and good times. I always turn to you and you are ALWAYS there. Without you (literally) I wouldn't be who I am. Thank you.
To you and yours,
Happy Thanksgiving all!



Encarna said...

Hey lady, got your text! Great post. I should do a list (we all should). Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving with the fam. XXOOO

NYC was WARM today!

Chris McManaman said...