is the LAST day of February. I miss it already. I really honestly can't believe this month has gone. I still feel like I'm waiting for Christmas.
Today I went to the doctor. A new one. She was nice. Really easy to talk to and HOPEFULLY I will continue to like her and stay with her. It has been such a weird road for the past couple of months with doctors and my health and and and.
I have to say it was the EASIEST and (although I know you can't NOT have pain with this particular regular yearly exam) most painless ever. She was quick. That was nice... AND she said that she would look into getting me an appointment for this OTHER test that I have to take... AND SHE DID. By the time I got back to my office, her office was calling me and setting me up with the appointment... AND they were NICE. I am really astonished because my most recent doctor visits were not always nice. She was nice.
There really isn't much more to say other than...
Ali- I am so stoked about coming over on Saturday. I miss you tons and the kids too. Let me know if you need anything. I'm super busy at work the next couple of days but leave me a voicemail and I can run to Trader Joe's. :) xoxo

To end.... A list... of things to be happy for.
endless lunches out on the town, gorgeous sunny days, sisters that call, moms that know, friends that text and say they are happy, husbands that want to help and be there and are and are the BEST. Work that continues to challenge and be challenging and bosses that say that they see leadership potential. Bloggers that are so creative and inspiring and their words and stories that help. for Ali and her new bundle of joy that is just gorgeous that I can't wait to meet.

I completely forgot about this picture that I love so much (not just because it is my man) because I'm in the reflection of his sunglasses and I love when that happens.

Love to you all,

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*the mama said...

can't wait to see you - and I am so so happy you are now FINALY with a Doc you like....