No news is good news

Not really much to report.
It is SUPER cold but should get warmer by the end of the week.
Really busy at work, but this is my busy week.
Feeling good...
Not really much to report.
Visited Alison and her family on Saturday and it was really great. Just sitting around, chatting and being happy. Visited Mom and Paul on Sunday, ate a great meal and finally got to see their vacation pictures from New Years in Italy. So great to be relaxed after spending the whole morning cleaning and getting the house in order. Even better to come home to a really clean house.
No complaints.... oh except...
I HATE TAXES. We just found out that we have some fun tax issues ahead. Really not so fun. Oh well...
Otherwise... happy and healthy.
Here are some pics of my visit with Ali.

Myles hates taxes too!

What a cutie!

And.... the newest edition!!!


Love to all,

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*the mama said...

I heart these pics....and you. Call me, let's chat.

hugs, A