Super Bowl Sunday

Not really my kinda day... sitting in front of the TV for hours on end eating lots and lots of food that is really only suitably eaten in front of the TV, realizing that your butt has gone numb, really hating all those supposedly awesomely funny commercials... But I have a football lovin' husband, so on this one Sunday a year I try my hardest to oblige.
I'm making homemade pizza (one veggie and one meaty) and some pigs in a blanket (the deal is I will cook what he buys and he bought enough pigs and blankets for all the people on our block) and pot roast (it is the only thing that I won't cook so he lovingly prepared it this morning for himself). I will watch the game because I enjoy the sport but I really hate the hoopla... I also make sure that there were some stand bys for me in case I really hate it.

I've spent some time today cleaning and rearranging and reading blogs. It was what I was supposed to do last Sunday but my Mom called very early in the morning and said, "Let's go see the kids". My sister has four adorable kids and if two weeks go by I'm suffering from withdrawal that I haven't seen them. It was easy for me to drop everything and go.

They are really great kids and we had a great time. This was taken as the day was coming to an end. They were all a little cranky and I think my Mom had had enough. I love the smile on Kyle and Robbie was already ready to get picked up and out of the situation altogether. Julianna was the most blah... I know a first for her. Joe is being his usual loving caring self.

Today to break up the day a little I went to Target and found myself buying some crafty stuff. I want to make Valentines... I know, I know I'm kinda dorky. Oh well. I will update when I do them or let you know when the project is abandoned.


PS... Alison it was AWESOME to hear from you today, I will come visit as soon as you give me the ok. Can't wait to meet Benjiben.

UPDATE: I did it... I sat through the whole game and loved it. I also made the pizza and pigs in between as well... and cleaned but for the rest of the time I sat there and watched. It was a fun game to watch and really easy to follow, almost comical with all the fumbling.

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Encarna said...

I watched the Superbowl for 15 mins with Luke before bedtime and he was rooting for the "white team" and I was rooting for da Bears because they're my homies.

The next day he asked who won and I said it was the "white team." He totally lorded it over me for like 15 mins. and he doesn't even understand the game!