Falling apart?

Not sure what my freaking deal is. My body is failing me and I HATE IT!!!
Today I woke up with a frozen neck. I can't look to the right almost at all. This whole week I've been having this weird foot thing and on top of that my back seized up in water aerobics yesterday.

It is nice out but I'm afraid to drive with a bum neck so I'm stuck in the house. We are going out later to have dinner with friends and I was out ALL day yesterday. I should've brought the camera because I hung out with my cousin Lisa and her daughter Olivia while she got her hair cut. She cut it pretty short and she was wearing the cutest dress. I drove her to my aunt's house and hung out there for a few before my facial. Sara showed up with the ADORABLE Ella. She says "SHHHH". It really is the absolute CUTEST. She says it with the cutest smile on her face...
Then I went and got my long awaited birthday facial. It was painful, wonderful and relaxing all at once... possible? YES!
I also went to the library to get some girlie (non book club) books. I couldn't get into this past book and they are meeting again on Friday and I can't go because I gotta work. Oh well. Maybe the next one will be better (for me anyway, Leah realy got into this past one).
I think that is all for now... Here is a pic to keep you satisfied.

All we need in life a tower of oatmeal and a tower of chocolate.

I just love this pic. One of my favorite windows in my house.

OK 2 to keep you happy.

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*the mama said...

sorry you are falling apart....maybe on sat. I can help put you back together....

love you,