Ice Lanterns

The other part of my birthday that rocked the world was the ice lanterns...
All week long we worked on this awesome winter craft project that I got from another bloggie.
Here is the process with some pictures...

1) We cut up some soda botttles and milk containers and filled them with water (in this one we used food coloring to make them a little different)

2) We taped cups that were smaller than the containers in the middle

3) We put them out to freeze

4) To get them out of the containers we had to use some hot water but they were thick enough and didn't break

5) Put tea lights in the part where the cup froze and this is the finished project... GORGEOUS

This last one we used a balloon. We got the idea from www.icelanterns.com Fill the balloon with water and let it freeze. This one did not freeze all the way through, so we poured the water out flipped it with the hole facing up, dropped in the tea light and it was awesome.

These last pictures are the whole deck lit up. It really was so beautiful, a great winter project and beautiful.

This rocked.

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