Happy House Anniversary!

Last year on Jan 30th, after a long and somewhat gruesome (isn't every real estate transaction painful) situation we bought our house. It was only the 5th house we looked at and once we walked in ... we knew. Every fiber in my being knew that this is where I wanted to be. We immedietly put our old house on the market and jumped head first into the real estate game. Right up until the hours before the sale and purchase things were dicey. But alas everything worked itself out and we have already been here for one year. I really wanted to run outside and take pictures of the house on it's first birthday (HA the house was built in 1922) to show you but it is January in CT and finally cold out there. I promise that you will get some pics of the house soon.
So far this house has done us nothing but good. It is a perfect party house and we have also been able to open our doors to a roomie while she finds a place to stay. I get to roam the nighborhood when the weather is nice to walk off the frustrations of life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our house. My faves: When you sit in the living room in the very early morning... all you can see is trees, the beauty of this is that the house sits on a fairly main road but because it also sits up on a hill you can't even tell that you are on a main street, or barely that there are houses around. There is outdoor space everywhere; I love to sit on the front porch and glide on the glider sipping a glass of wine, or tea or whatever. There is a window above the kitchen sink that is awesome. Our old house never had that.... you can watch nothing out there but it is better than looking at a blank wall. Yay house.
Here's to many more happy years here!!!

This is a pic of my hubby and our first tree at this house... never again in the living room.

Ali- love that you are reading and keeping updated. Hope to see you this weekend... keep me posted.


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*the mama said...

I heart this post....cannot believe I haven't seen this beautiful home yet.....which also meanss I haven't seen Greg in close to a year...YIKES....

love you lots girlie....