What a DAY!!

I can't decide if it was an EWW day, or an OOH day. It is January in CT and it was 72 degrees, and maybe higher. I got to go for a walk and window shop with Alison and Teagan and we enjoyed the gorgeousness of today but it was almost a guilty feeling. It is JANUARY people. It should have been 35 degrees with frost and snow mounds and all that. Oh well. I guess this is the future. I'm afraid to think of what the Spring and Summer will bring. I can't even begin to imagine.
Greg and I took the tree down. It is always a bittersweet day when we take the ornaments down and put away all the holiday goodies. It felt too quick this year. I guess time goes by quicker and quicker every year. I look forward to the days when we have a family and get to run down the stairs to see what Santa brought and have new memories and traditions attached to the holidays. For now we get to make those memories with family and friends. I was so bummed that I forgot my camera for X-mas eve. Oh well. I am babysitting the crew tomorrow and maybe I will bring the camera then.
There has been one thing on my mind for a few months now and since I started the blog (last week!) I've wanted to bring it up and discuss...
I was at the chiropractor (she is a real spit fire and amazing person to talk to and confide in), I herniated a disc a couple of years ago and have struggled a bit with it since. I go to see her once a month now and it is better and always wonderful to see her. This summer at one of the visits she tole me about this book that she was reading and it was all about getting what you ask for. We talked about it for awhile and I walked away thinking about it. There are so many ways to think about that statement and it has plagued me ever since. I basically think about being very careful about what I ask for because I just might get it. It happened at work and it could happen at home any day now. Crazy weird and I wasn't ready or really happy with it at work... hmmm. It has worked out since. Think very carefully about what you want because you just might get it!
Ali- I love you so much. It was so WONDERFUL to spend time with you today. Teagan is awesome. Let's try and tempt fate and see if we can do this one more time before Benjiben gets here... love you.
I know I'm horrible... already lagging on the photo thing.. here is something fun.

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*the mama said...

hey...i had such a lovely visit...

keep your head up high girl.

know what you really want, and go for it....and remember, your needs and wants can change....

even if it's just an S mug.....you wanted it girl...and you deserve it..

love you.
myles wants to chill next time too....