Happy New Year!!!

So... I thought no better way to start the new year than with a documentation of it... I go to my favorite blog everyday to see what my favorite people are up to so why not do the same for them.
2007... I'm sure will shape up to be quite a year. Most importantly I am turning thirty... NEXT MONTH. I don't really feel like I have too much time to prepare or hunker down and at the same time I really feel like I should. Argh.
Exciting things about the coming year, hmm... I can only think of a few; 1) I already have a deposit on my vacation in July/August... very cool and exciting to look forward to. 2) I'm joining a book club. Not really sure what will happen with that. The first book is super long and we are getting together in 3 weeks, not so sure that I can finish it by then and I don't want to be in a book club so that I start a bunch of books that I don't ever finish. 3)Greg (my hubby) and I are working on a huge project. We'll see what happens :) 4) I can't really think of anything except that this blog is something that I've wanted to do for a few months and never got to it. I am a photographer and want to post photos all over it. We'll see what happens with this.
Lastly I guess I should come up with a resolution... hmm. Not sure that I really have any that I want to admit to hahaha. I'm a loser and want to keep the resolutiuons to myself so that if I don't accomplish anything I'm not a real loser... no for real I want to finish every book that I start for book club, I want to be more patient with everything, I want to be more proactive about my workouts, I want to post photos all over this blog, I want to rule the world (haha not really, it just felt like that was the direction that this was taking).
So starting on a good note this photo is one that I took with my sister and her family.... 4 kids and they are all beautiful, smart, funny and real well adjusted kids. So fun to hang with and get to know. We took this on my new laptop... we must have taken 60 photos after this one but this was the first and one of the best.

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*the mama said...

yayyyy welcome to bloggyville! SO happy to have you!

hugs, A