Cold... like January.

My goodness the cold came back with a vengeance. It was 70 degrrees the other day and now it is 28. Like January I guess. Oh well, we'll get used to it and in a few weeks we will wish for warmer weather again. Now if it would just snow.
Work is really crazy for me. I work at Hartford Stage. Tomorrow we start previews on Fences.
(Poster needed to be removed... it wasn't working well)
It promises to be a really amazing show and I look forward to seeing it... you al should.
So far for the "resolutions"
1) I'm almost done with the book for book club and book club isn't for another week and a half so I'm tracking well with that.
2) I went to Pilates tonight and it seriously kicked my ass. I only skipped water aerobics last week because I was seriously ill and not considering getting into the water at all. Tracking well with that.
3) Not so good with the photo thing. Oh well, I could give myself a break... it is only January 10th and I am CRAZY busy at work.
I think that after the next two weeks things will start to be a little easier. I hope.
Ali- I love you and the last two Saturday CHILL sessions have been awesome. Myles is invited to the next one.
Love to you all.
OK... OK... another famous self portrait.
This is me and my sister... can you tell? :)

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