Hi. I don't have a title.

Hi there. Just an update... although I'm not quite sure who if anyone (besides you Alison) is reading this. If you're out there... respond.
So it has been a few days since I last posted... please pardon out there as the business has really taken it out of me lately. Oh boy I might need to post a picture of my desk so you all believe me. This week felt like a day and everyday felt like 3 days... got me?
Now it is Sunday evening and I just got back from book club... Koobbluc, and hubby is watching football (not really in the mood) and so here I am ready to post again... I even have a groovy pic of all the little sweeties in my family.

This last one shows the CHAOS that it took to get all 10 kids sitting and looking and smiley for that matter... age range 9 months to 12 yrs. With all the mothers waiting and watching.

I love this day. Every year my sister and cousins and I get together to talk about how the kids have grown, how we don't do this enough and when we should get together again... it probably won't be for another year. The kids are amazing. Olivia let Julianna have her pink care bear and pretty ballerina dress and the boys all get super rambunxious. We sit and drink coffee and reminisce. Ladies... this was GREAT.

I'm beat... love you, see you.

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