The first two weeks of daycare were great. Calli thrived and I didn't cry...that often. :) Our daycare provider is a wonderful woman that really loves Calli. It is a small group of kids and they are all great. Lots of smiles and high fives and they all love when Calli gets there.
We had a great weekend enjoying the weather and outdoor activities as much as possible. We went peach/ pear/ plum picking; we walked around Franklin Avenue enjoying a small exposition of Italian cars seeing lots of old friends and spending time with my niece, nephews and of course Nonna. We had brunch with a good friend and did some laundry, cooking and cleaning for good measure.
I tried to relax a little in the afternoon and get some homework done before the craziness of the week began. I wrote that earlier this week...
Now we are ready for the weekend to come. Trying not to make serious plans. Only fun stuff this weekend. And homework, and clean the bathroom, and grocery shopping and homework.... oh well. At least I wish I could not do anything all weekend. :)
Today is my day to pick up baby girl and I couldn't be more excited. It will be our time. :) yay.
Ciao for now.
This the wave of the future... crashing. :)

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