We have Sprung Ahead people!!!

Daylight savings has begun! Yippee!
I started the weekend out with an 11 hour slumber so I was ready for last night. And even though we stayed up pretty late (10:30!) I was not daunted by the loss of sleep. I am ready for Spring! Bring it on!
The sun will set at 6:54pm! This week will be mild to warm weather. Yay! It's about time. I am going to try to walk at least 3 nights this week! Whoop woop!
I spent a beautiful Saturday with beautiful friends at Nature's Grocer. They celebrated their 3 year anniversary and showcased my beautiful friends' beautiful jewelry! JudyB Designs. Most of my jewelry is from her. As she experiments with her craft, her jewelry becomes more beautiful. NG is a great store with delicious food and lots of wonderful natural and organic stuff. I always love going there and never leave empty handed. Jenn visited with her Mom and baby M. What a treat! And I got to visit with the best Mama Al. Loved it. It was so nice to catch up and see her hubby and kids. What a gorgeous family. Ahh... it was a wonderful morning. Then I visited another good friend that just had a beautiful baby girl. Mama and baby and daddy are all doing well. Another awesome visit.
Today is all about going for a walk with hubby, enjoying some treats from my Worcester family and getting ready for the week. I have an exam looming and will be busy next Sunday. My busiest months are starting at work and so I'm a busy bee!
I hope you all had as amazing a weekend as I did and have a great week ahead.

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*the mama said...

loved loved loved seeing you too mama. LOVE YOU.