It's Saturday and I'm still recuperating from the busy Jan/Feb that we had. All there is to do this weekend is catch up... on resting, on reading, on cleaning, with Mom and sis. And catch up with you... here's a list of what's been what as of late!
* Just finished reading Brunonia Barry, Map of True Places. Great book. Her first book, The Lace Reader was good and this was even better.
* Sent Mom and Paul to see DivineRivalry at HartfordStage this week and they LOVED loved loved it. I believe that the play might have been written for Paul, considering his love of Renaissance art and politics.
* Things are really starting to ramp up at work and that is always exciting. Have three events between March 23 and April 12 and then the race to commencement begins. Wahoo.
* I'm through the first trimester and starting to get some energy and my appetite back. I still get tired in the afternoon and evening but it's getting better. I have a feeling that this next trimester will go quicker. And then ... race to the finish line.
* I got a prenatal yoga DVD at the library today and hope to fit it into my busy schedule. I am not a regular yogini but I feel the need to stretch and EVERYTHING I read says that yoga will help with labor and I'm all for anything that will help with labor.
* I am counting the hours until the end of Daylight Savings time... or is it the beginning? I'm such a dope about it. All I know is that longer days=happier me.
* I am craving fruit... all the time. Not the best season for it, I know.
* I have some vaca time that I HAVE to use by the end of June and that makes me so giddy!
Hope you have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

YAY! I love this post! Glad you are doing and feeling well.