I tend to think that resolutions are better set in the Fall than in the dead of winter. There is still hope in the air in the fall. Here we go...
I resolve:
* to get my mantra on.... I was so much happier when I chanted "choose happiness" on a daily basis.
* to stop putting shtuff off. What am I really waiting for. Perfect does not exist. NOW is gonna have to do.
* to be patient. This Fall promised to be BUSY. I am back to to school, teaching another class, going to a couple of weddings, assisting a couple. All on top of being a regular ol' married family cleaning lady. UGh. Therefore I resolve to take a deep breath and not sweat the small stuff (I think this might be the hardest one).
* to remember that the gym is not about getting skinny.... but about sanity and strength and having time for myself.
* to continue to be fiscally responsible. Hubby and I made a vow to one another to curb the spending and I think it is working. It is not easy, therefore the resolution.
* to say No. I am the social butterfly that wants to go to every party and get together for lunch and drinks and dinner... and that does not jive with the other resolutions. This does not mean that I won't still do those things, but I will try to make sure that I am not doing those things instead of studying and going to gym.
* to take better advantage of free things in my community. This supports the fiscal responsibility.
* to slowly and surely clean out my office, closet, drawers, purse, attic... Get the drift! Dang. I swear that there are piles everywhere and I'm not sure what is in any of them
* burn all my photos on to DVDs. My computer has got 3 years worth of pics. I'm scared to even mention it, in fear of my computer crashing. Really need to get on that.
* to be a better blogger. I want to tell you more about what I'm doing, reading, eating and watching.


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