I know you must miss me. It's been a looong time since I posted, but I was busy on vacation.
I haven't downloaded the photos yet, somehow laundry and dates for drinks seemed a bit more important. So here is a list about what I miss about vacation:
- high fives from Olivia
- high tide
- low tide
- I just finished my vacation book (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest) and miss it
- Iced Mocha
- Gelato (no we didn't go to Italy but P-Town had some pretty authentic gelato)
- Walking down Commercial Street
- sitting on the deck drinking limeade
- Skipbo
- Olivia... and Judy and Jeff
- Yummy croissants from delish french bakery, PB
- the beautiful sunsets (almost every night)
- The Loose Chanteuse and date night with hubby
- All the yummy food
- French 75
- the itsy bitsy spider
- coffee at Joe's and then even better coffee at the other place

Things I don't miss:
- the hard as a rock bed
- heat rash
- all the rude tourists (read= people that aren't staying in P-Town that are just there to see) that don't pay attention to where they are walking
- the creepy masseus guy
- $2.25 laundry that costs $3.25
- all the bird poop that covered the car (ewwww)
- not getting the suggestion about the best lobster sandwich in town until the last day, and it was already closed.

You probably don't understand most of this, but rest assured that vacation was AWESOME!!!


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Unknown said...

Yes to all that, especially the creepy masseus and the lobster roll!