Vacay days

I'm on a mini vacation. AND LOVING IT.
Yesterday I took the fam (Mom, Aunt and Uncle) to Clinton Crossing for a little retail therapy. I swear I could live in the Kate Spade store. I TRULY love her stuff.
Today I am hanging with the painters at the house. I threw the doors open to let them paint them while I enjoy the GORGEOUS day we are having. The wind is blowing a little gentler than yesterday and it is a perfect excuse to sit and enjoy the open doors.
I'm also doing some laundry and some vacuuming to pass the time. As soon as I can close the doors I will head out, get the car looked at, pick up the dry cleaning, and then hang with the fam a bit until I get to go visit with Nolan and his mom. Then, oh glorious of days, it is bookclub tonight. Yippee.
Tomorrow is facial and then a long walk around the reservoir and who knows what else. Maybe reading my book in the sunshine!
Saturday and Sunday are chock full of family fun! Saturday night we celebrate my niece and my sisters' birthdays and Sunday is a family tradition of sorts... we celebrate the patron saint of Pratola Peligna. Mass in the morning and then food and music and fun all afternoon.
I am so excited!

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