Bad Day

The day before yesterday was the worst day ever. Started bad, ended bad. Trying really hard not to let it ruin my whole week, trying really hard.
On my way into work I was the most obnoxious driver. I was behind a woman at a light and she was stopped at a green light, so I started honking... obnoxiously. She was stopped because there was an ambulance coming. The whole intersection was stopped, patiently. EXCEPT ME. I was mortified. Even now, writing it, I am embarrassed.
Came into work and was intent on not letting this day get worse. Until it did. Ever call, email and action that I made had some sort of mistake in it. I had to do everything over and over and over. UGH. Then my student worker decided that it was "bring your friend to work day". Now don't misunderstand, he is a great kid and has always done the work, and been an all around good worker, so when I saw that he had a friend with him it didn't really phase me. I went to lunch and all was well. When I got back and "the friend" was still there and they chatted the whole time, I was totally miffed. I knew that it was more my "mood" than anything else. The rest of the day continued on as the beginning. Just crap. I was late for class so I missed the part where the professor explained that the homework that was due could be handed in next week because....
I went home looking forward to a quiet night at home.
Not really sure what made me think that my home life would be immune to my bad day. TERRIBLE DAY. It was almost like a countdown, 10...9...8...7.... and there was the fight. Stupid fight, I'm sure. No real substance to it. As far as I could tell anyway. Hope this doesn't spark another... "What do you mean, no substance..."
Calgon, I'm insisting you take me away!
At least yesterday was better. Have a great day y'all.

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Unknown said...

I feel your pain!