Please excuse my non-communication lately.
2 weeks is a long time for me not to blog... specially since I am home.
Not really sure what I have been up to lately.
My hubby had his big birthday the other day... and we are planning his big party! Should be so super fun. We are having college friends from all over this country coming over for it. The house will be FULL- the words house party will never again ring so true. I'm tempted to sit at the front door and charge 5 dollars per cup!
I had my mother, her man, mother and father - in law over for dinner on Saturday to celebrate husbands birthday. Dinner was delicious and we had a great time. I've never had them all over together!
I've gotten the last of the rejection emails, calls, letters... not waiting on hearing from anyone right now. Weird. The last letter that I got said that my resume along with the other 500 were accepted and yet I didn't make the cut. Can you believe that out of 500 I didn't make the cut; I feel like I'm on American Idol or something. Ugh. I need to rethink my strategy. Also I'm helping a friend out with another project so that will take up some of my time and brain skills once the party is over.
My sister and her family are in Disney. She posts random pictures to Facebook that are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E... can't wait to hear all their stories!
Well peeps... that is all for now. I have some fun pictures to post... try to get to it this week.
Hope all is well with you.
Get out and enjoy the change of the season, tis amazing!

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