Out with the old... in with the new

Almost everyone I talk to is so happy to see 2007 end. It is only really another day but also an opportunity. I see the opportunity and I am also eager to try to make it a good one. I am looking forward to this next year and all the possibilities that it holds. I am ready for a new year! I am trying not to make any resolution but promises. I think that if I promise myself and everyone around me I will be more apt to keep em. I am a woman of my word and I hope to keep it that way.
So... what are those promises??? Believe me I am thinking and thinking hard. This past year one thing has really made itself clear to me... ask for it and you shall get it... just be really careful what you ask for. It is like a double edged sword.
So my promises and "asks" will be kept a secret for now... but as soon as I get something I will tell you al about it!
(The rosemary doesn't really have anything to do with the post... just a pic I love)


*the mama said...

hey lady,

thanks for popping by. was wonderful to see your face. already miss you though and would love to spend more time making girl talk...

Encarna said...

Hey, S, happy happy new new! You KNOW I'm also not sad to see the end of '07. But you're right; new year, new opportunities. And you're wrong about the rosemary. It has everything to do with your post: living, breathing, growing, fragrant POSSIBILITY. :-)

Chris McManaman said...