Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT!!!

It's over. The muss the fuss and this holiday is over. I've been a real scrooge this past holiday so I'm glad to say that it is over. But (the almighty but) I enjoyed it... through my scrooginess there were some really wonderful moments. My husband sensing my mood made every effort to make it jolly for me and what a wonderful job he did. He is not really one to be happy (check out that picture) and merry but for me he put on a happy face trying to make me smile. And he did. Babe- I love you with all my heart and thank you for this holiday, past holidays and all the great ones to come.
(the picture is our tree from the perspective of the mistletoe)
Other awesome moments...visiting my cousin's newest addition to the clan (SH- he is truly beautiful, you guys are a gorgeous family), playing some pool with my oldest nephew (he is growing so FAST), picking out our yearly ornament with my hubby, much needed mani/ pedi, going visiting with my mom, spending time with my sister and her amazing family, watching my niece battle the family on the new Wii, of course the best time of all watching World's Strongest Man competition with my hubby (we are huge fans!). I hope you all had wonderful holidays and was able to spend some good times with your families as well.

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