It's a Christmas Miracle...

Except for the random gift cards that I have to pick up on my way back from certain places... and the random stuff that I have forgotten... I'M DONE SHOPPING. That doesn't include the food that I need to get over the next couple of days or the wrapping paper that I might run out of... but I'M DONE. Feels great.
As I was leaving work on my way to the MALL (yes I know... of all places... how dare I) I was given a small pep talk from a work friend, "Stay calm, be patient, park as far away as you possibly can and all will be good." He was right. I found a spot fairly quickly, when I was ready to buy I found a nice mall employee that had no line and had a smile on her face, I went to another store and bought some To:ME From:ME, and that line was pretty short too. I had a "pay it forward" moment when the guy in front of me needed a quarter... I gave it to him. I even went to a book store after that; abandoning the idea of getting a male family member a sweater in favor of a book. The line was crazy long but I kept my cool and it moved right along. I was home within an hour!!! Proud is the first word that comes to mind. May all your lines be sort and your mall employees have smiles.

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