This is Bridget at her 2nd birthday party last weekend. ADORABLE!!! Needless to say she is not the pain... read on.

I'm finally feeling better. I went to the chiropractor yesterday because I had gotten to the edge of insanity. The pain was shooting down my legs and because I was working and walking and basically not doing much different all the rest of the muscles in my back were trying to keep me doing all those things and they had gotten to the point of spasming and seizing up. Why do you ask did I wait so long??? HMMM... that is a good questions. Because I'm a pain in the @ss and don't know when to say enough is enough.
Well... enough is enough and now I'm starting to feel better... thank goodness. I went to the gym this morning and got in the pool and moved and stretched and tried not to over do it...
I'm gonna try to take it easy the next couple of days.
Otherwise... hmmm not much else going on. Fall is coming on strong. I noticed some leaves are starting to change and there is a slight chill in the windy bits.
It almost feels like now should be when we make resolutions... not in January when everything is so bleak and cold and raw... now seems like there is so much more opportunity to keep a resolution... Really the only problem is there are so many that I want to make.
(On a side note I'm listening to India.Arie and every time I pose a question she is answering them through her songs... very creepy and wonderful at the same time. I feel like a friend is sitting here with me.)
Have a happy and labor free labor day.

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