Living for the weekend

What a BEAUTIFUL one. Tons of plans and I'm so excited about all of them. Tonight we are headed to D&D for dinner with lots of friends and that makes me so HAPPY. Tomorrow morning I'm headed to my sisters for breakfast with the kids, and then some friends M&R are coming over for the game (which one... beats me) and some grub. I went shopping this morning and was mortified at the prices at the store... for reals people... CRAZY. Last night we had some delicious Japanese food with my in-laws, and got to check out the progress on the addition to their bedroom and bathroom... looks
great. I'm taking a vacation day Monday to spend some much needed time with my ladies L and Ali.
So I can't, shouldn't, won't complain (which we ALL know I'm really good at).

Here is a list:
Here's to...
- no lines at the grocery store (or anywhere for that matter)
- snuggles with the hubby after a trying week
- old friends, new friends and bloggie friends
- beautiful sunshiny days
- babies everywhere (congratulations to G&K and good luck to S&G)

Love to you all,

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