Hi. Lately peeps have been kinda in the dumps. All I can say is that there are brighter days ahead everyone. We need to experience the lows to really appreciate and love the highs. Keep your chin up and take it slow.

Other fronts...
Things are ok with me. My back is still a little sore and that makes me sore. I hate this problem and really beat myself up when it happens. It means that I'm not taking care of myself and no one likes when I don't take care of myself... EXPECIALLY ME!!!
I will vow to do better and hope that I do.

G is back to school and normalcy falls upon us and I love it. It means that FALL is right around the corner... apple picking, sweatshirts and sneakers, hot apple cider, apple fritters, back to school shopping (it's in my blood), back to school stories (from G and the kiddies J started 7th grade and K started 1st grade) leaves changing colors, brisk mornings that need jackets, this list could go on FOREVER, but the best for last... my anniversary. G and I are celebrating 5 years. I'm so excited. I love to celebrate.

What's on your list?
Love you

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*the mama said...

uhm, apple picking. apple picking, and more apple picking, oh, and baking some pies as well.