We are getting there...

So vaca is just about over and I'm getting ready to go back to the office tomorrow.
This week we painted the living room. Hubby did an awesome job skimming, sanding and priming all the walls. I came in at the end and helped him paint it all. We picked a deep blue as the color and I'm ecstatic about it. So excited. We are getting this house done, one room at a time.
The week went by pretty quickly otherwise, especially with this cold. I was miserable until the 30th and I still have some coughing and flemniness going on.
It has been nice to be home and not have to care about what time it was or what I was wearing. Today I went to visit Mom; we went for a long walk (because it is like 50 degrees out) and made some plans for my aunt's upcoming visit. Now I'm home and cleaning the office out a bit getting ready for my next class and other general life stuff... ya'know like ironing and putting clothes away and whatnot.
2011 is here and I am READY! Bring it on!

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