Quiet morning

I had a super busy weekend so I made plans to go in late today... hence I'm still at home.
There is NOTHING like a quiet morning to yourself. I slept late and then went right back to sleep. Enjoyed a yummy cup of coffee cozied up on the couch with a blankie. Spent the morning picking up around the house and goofing around on the interwebs. Basically none of the things that I meant to do. And that is just fine.
Fall is in full effect; the leaves are brilliant, there is a distinct chill in the air and the days keep on getting shorter. Instead of dreading winter I am looking forward to the cold days when we are forced to stay home watching the swirling snow storms. I am avoiding thinking about sleet, frozen rain and below zero temps and instead forcing myself to think about tea, and hot cocoa... soup and stew. Reading books like crazy and watching all the movies we never got to during the summer.
Next weekend hubby and I are celebrating our aniversary... yippee. Really looking forward to spending some quality time with the hubster.
I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my morning.... later peeps.

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