Need another day...

I'm still feeling like the weekend got the best of me. I feel gypped. I need another day...
What would I do with another day...
* Visit some lovely friends that I miss terribly
* Clean my room... all under the bed and behind the pictures and stuff
* Hang with my mom. She has been asking for a computer purchasing date for weeks now.
* Catch up on homework (yup my inner nerd has been calling me out)
* Go to the movies
* Visit my sister and more importantly her children... oh how I miss them
* Take my camera out and shoot the world
* Clean up the computer (download all those pictures to free up some space for the new ones)
* Go to the museum to see MCEscher
* Go to the library and spend the day reading
* Two words... mani-pedi
* Shop for some new fall gear
*Make a phone date with some friends that live far and talk until the phone is too hot to hold (yes this has happened to me in the past)
* Clean out my closet (to make room for the new fall gear)
* Order a dumpster and go to town (should probable make sure hubby is not around for this one)
* Detail my car, inside and out
* Go through all the million magazines I have and get rid of the ones that I'm not gonna read.
* Get my hair did.

Ah... how I love to daydream.

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