Anniversary days

Monday hubby and I celebrated 8 years of married bliss. We've been together a lot longer than that but I think the work started after 'I do', so I don't really count the dating years. He might think differently. We both had work and I had class after work on Monday so we we celebrated on Sunday instead. We planned to go out to breakfast, only my favoritest thing to do. Not sure why, something about the selection and the coffee and the toast... So we started in Manchester but the wait was abominable. 45 minute wait for eggs! I think not. So we ventured into Glastonbury and ended at Ken's Corner Breakfast and Lunch. It was delicious. I had eggs florentine; yummy!
After breakfast we headed to Belltown Orchard to pick some apples. It is a fall tradition that we have adopted for a few years now. Belltown is great because you get to ride a tractor all around the property and stop only at the apples you want to pick. AWESOME. The apple fritters are good too. We came home and I made my famous apple crumble. Best recipe ever.
Yesterday I took that day off that I've been needing. Work is kinda hectic and I won't have the opportunity to take a day off for a while. It was a perfect battery recharging kinda day... Finished my book, ran errands, visited a friend , went to Moms house to help them mount their new TV and had dinner with them. No complaints here. Now if the rest of the week can be smooth and wonderful like yesterday, we are in business.

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