Happy Anniversary, 7 is a great number

Today my hubby and I celebrated 7 years of married bliss.
I am so lucky to have a husband that respects me, honors me, supports and loves me unconditionally (even if he likes my new longer locks better than the short do I used to sport).
Today was a gorgeous day. I woke up early and did some homework and then got ready to head out into the sunshine. We went to a new bakery/ cafe/ pastry shop in my hood. Ohmigoodness! We are so excited to have such an awesome place to head to on those days when you just don't want to stay home. Vida Doce is a great addition to Newington. We had some small panini and delicious coffee. Afterwards we headed to Belltown Orchards to go apple picking. We always have such a great time at Belltown, there is a tractor that drives around the huge orchard and you can hop on and off depending on what apples you want to pick. We got TONS of apples. Next we headed further into Glastonbury to figure out lunch/dinner options... and we ended up at Plan B, very apropos and always delish.
At this time 7 years ago we were dancing our butts off hanging with amazing friends and family. We were so lucky to have so many amazing people there to celebrate with us. I will have to figure out a way to get some of those pics on here and facebook so you can see what a great time we had.
Today we are even luckier and more blessed as our family has grown and continues to grow (NO I AM NOT PREGGERS!).


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both!!

*the mama said...

happy anniversary to you two!! xoxox, a