New Month, New Post, New Kitchen Floor and lots of shrimp

I wanted to post at the beginning of the month to tell you all how another month has passed and all the things I am up to… and then it was today. I really am sorry about the lack of posts. I can seem to be free at night and when I am I get in bed at 9pm, like the other night and cozy up with a book.
Thursday night was one of the first nights home in a week or so. I came home right from work, chatted with hubby for a bit. Made dinner (with hubby), pork chops, zucchini, tomatoes and pineapple over brown rice, and then even made dessert, banana bread pudding for two. I found these recipes that are only for two servings, so perfect for a night home with the hubby and a sweet tooth like mine. And they are low calorie low sugar… the bread pudding was delicious. MyRecipes
Today we shopped til we were ready to drop. Hubby needed back to school clothes. He only really shops once a year so there was a lot to do. While we were out we decided to break in our "discount store that requires membership" card and headed to the huge store. We bought a lot of stuff most noteworthy.... drum roll please... a new kitchen floor. Ok so not a new kitchen floor but I've been looking around for an anti-fatigue floor covering for the area in my kitchen in front of the sink, stove, and counter. Until now there has been a carpet there that has seen it's last tumble with the washer. It really is the only area, besides sitting at the table, that gets the most use. I've been shopping online for awhile and the reason that I haven't bought anything is because 1) there is SO much to choose from and 2) it is a weird area 40"x60" 3)It is hard to imagine some of the materials without seeing and feeling it. Most of the not too expensive stuff (by the way 4) most of the choices were really expensive) was 2'x 2' tiles and that would mean having to cut it down and I wasn't really ready to buy something that A. I needed to cut B. I wasn't sure of what the material was like C. this listing stuff is fun.
Sooooo today at "big store" I found some tiles that are very similar to what I've been looking for and it was only $20 bucks. So I bought it, brought it home, cut it down to size and have been trying it out. I got to experience it to the fullest because hubby bought a HUGE box of shrimp that needed to be defrosted, peeled and de-veined. UGH. I will NEVER EVER AGAIN BUY SHRIMP THAT NEEDS TO BE PEELED OR DE-VEINED... for the record. So far so good. I will keep you updated. And if you know of anything that is good let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Where is a picture of the new floor? Sounds like a great weekend. You deserve a break. Interested in meeting up for a pedicure tomorrow after work? ~C