Concert sightings

Last night we went to the Heart and Journey concert. Heart can belt and Journey wasn't bad either. We met here at our house and ate shrimp and pasta (see previous post for shrimp details) and drank red wine with dinner and limoncello for dessert. All in all and delish diner.
Drove to the concert, all was dandy. In line to get the tickets and I recognize a group of friends... I am amazed. Matt, Jess, Marcus, various husbands and girlfriends and I'm all this is crazy to run into you. I turn around and my chiropractor and her husband walk in...Nuts I tell you. I walk all the way into the venue and my best friend and her boyfriend are there standing in line at the bar. We get to our seats and enjoy the music. Heart rocks... they really can sing. Head out during set change, chilling with hubby and friend and hubby's aunt walks by.. I swear to you... so, I wasn't surprised when a few minutes later I saw two more peeps I know and then as a topper one more on the way to the ladies room.
Crazee I tell you.


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