Fall is right around the corner

You can smell it in the air, see it on the trees, and know it because of the need for the long sleeves and sweat shirts. I love sweat shirts (remember it was my uniform last Winter). So warm and cuddly and not as serious as a sweater. Love em.
Been super busy as of late and loving it. Hubby and I have been spending a LOT of time together and it has been great. Friday we vegged out in front of the TV with take out, caught up on a weeks worth of shows. Saturday we went for a LONG drive and today we are just catching up on stuff.
Handed in the application for grad school... minus the letter of intent. Just cannot write the damn thing. Have about half done, not sure what else to write. I really suck at this... don't tell them. HA! I'm sure that it will come together... I hope.
Hope all is well out there in bloggie land.


PS. Bought some great music lately.... India.arie Testimony vol. 2, Pink's Funhouse, The Essential Heart...

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Anonymous said...

I wish my iTunes still linked to yours so I could enjoy your new music too! Glad you had a good weekend. It was great seeing you Thursday, let's get together for some girl time SOON.