Merry Christmas to all...

and to all a Good Night.
I am reminded today that even in this super trying time of being laid off and the economy being in the toilet; I am surrounded by amazing family and friends that love and support me. My sister called me a few hours ago just to tell me that she thinks I am brave. I don't think I am brave, but I am so honored that she (who is in my eyes the most talented and amazing mother) took the time (which we all know she has none of) to call me and tell me that. I was super touched. Yesterday my friend Ali called me to say Hi and see how I was. My friend Hana wrote me a note that reminded me that I am gonna get through this. Everywhere I turn are pillars of support and love to help me through every day. The calls and treats from Heather, Bridget, Jenn, Leah... you all mean the world to me. (Forgive me if I missed someone... there have been so many)
So Christmas or not .... Thank you. To everyone that calls, thinks of me, writes me notes, takes me out for coffee... Thank you.
To my Mom that never stops believing that I will make it.... to my husband (the sweetest of all) that will NOT let me be a grump for Christmas, or any day for that matter. Thank you. I really could not and would not be who I am without you.
So Merry Christmas/ Buon Natale, take the time to thank those that help make you who you are...
Love and peace,


jenngator222 said...

Can't wait to see you on Saturday! Merry Christmas to you and Greg!

*the mama said...

you rock my world lady. i heart you....xo, A

*the mama said...

how was xmas? call me soon so we can discuss! xo, A