Day 2

I know I know I missed day 1.... I was going to try to post every day but apparently that already didn't work.
So yesterday is what I am calling day 1. I know that is has been a week since I was laid off but I really was in a daze until yesterday.
Day 1: Was ok. I helped my sister out with some stuff during the day and that was a drag. Every moment that I was away from the computer I kept thinking that I could have been doing something else... resume, letters, searching, contacting... anything. In the evening I went to the gym and that was great. There is something so great about getting into the water and moving and swimming. I spent some time with Bridget before and after and that was great. She is great.
Day2: Today... I'm home today.... all day. I really am not good at this. I'm the type of person that makes a million lists and then doesn't really do any of them.... I do stuff organically. Which means as I come upon them or as I feel like it.... organically. But there is a lot to do so... see ya.
Oh and by the way... Yes I will be writing a LOT about being home and being laid off. There aren't really a lot of things else to talk about so if you get bored or are all "Gosh does she have anything else to talk about!" The answer is not really. So check me later when I get another job...

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