Luckiest day of the YEAR? 7-7-07

Why didn't anyone tell me? I woke up and carried on all morning not caring a bit and then a few minutes ago my sister tells me that TODAY is the LUCKIEST day of the YEAR.
I could have prepared... I could have been ready. WHY? I hope I haven't missed it.
Do you feel lucky? I don't... but I could have.

OK... ok...nuff of the luck stuff... I got ya.

So... how else are we today? It is really beautiful today. A little hot and humid. Perfect summer weather if you ask me.
I feel crappy. Been feeling it for a couple of days now... oh well.

We had a bunch of folks over on Wednesday for the 4th... it was great. Lots of friends, food and all very casual.
Alison was here with the kids and they did this little bit called foot phone... HILARIOUS I tell you.

G is still doing an awesome job on the woodwork. B came over to tell about the wood we are restoring... wish I could remember what he said. Anyways... something along the lines of ... awesome, great, expensive... Go G!!!

I am so proud of him... and so lucky to have a handy man; even if I get frustrated with the mess sometimes.

Okay all... in bocca al lupo... as they say in Italian. Good Luck!


Encarna said...

omg, FOOT PHONE!!!! That's like my favorite game ever!

jenica said...

i love the foot phone! my brother had a foot fetish from the time he was a wee one and would use OUR feet as a phone. too cute!

(found you through mama al by the way. ;-D)