July in all it's glory!!!

What a crazy couple of weeks. This is the reaction that I've had since last Monday. My best and favorite story is that yesterday I was the lucky one to escort the Good Body cast to a radio interview at CBS radio in Farmington. Boy was I lucky cuz there was an ice cream tasting during the interview... quick plug... 80 Licks ice cream in Portland CT has some TASTY ice cream. They love rock & roll so the ice cream flavors are all r&r peeps... Peanut Butter and Pearl Jam, Chaka Pecan, Judas Peach,
Oreo Speedwagon, I walk the lime cheesecake, AC Reeses, Am-aretta Da Vida....
As we were finishing the interview the radio station chased us down the hallway and refused to let us leave the building and actually asked us to hunker down in the ladies room. There was a TORNADO WATCH for rt 6, the exact road that we needed to take home. We were there for an hour... not in the ladies room, they found a comfy couch for us.
CRAZEE... I have more stories from this job...
Speaking of...

Name that tongue!!!

It has been a really beautiful day and I'm so happy to have been on vaca to enjoy it. I took the day off to get ready for the festivities tomorrow. I hope that it all goes off without a hitch.
Tomorrow is EXTRAVAGANZA in Newington and there are fireworks in the evening that seem as though they shoot them off for me... and G.
Last year was quite a treat as we started early in the day and had family stop by all day to see the new digs and stay all night to enjoy the festivities.
Tomorrow promises to be just as enjoyable and I'm looking forward to it.
Of course there will be pictures... you know I'm good for em.
Today and right when I'm done with this have been and will be filled with shopping and cleaning and preparing.
So if you are in town... tomorrow is the night folks.

Love and kisses,


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*the mama said...

so excited! we will be a touch late so i can bring hubs too....

hugs, A