March on out...

There it goes.. it's almost gone... catch it while you can... MARCH is outta here.
Yup. Not lying. There are only a few days left.

One of the best too... Thursday is my hubby's birthday.
I'm trying to take him out to dinner to celebrate and maybe some other surprises... I'll never tell in case he decides to read this. We'll see.

Nothing else to report. Missin' some folks...(Ali... love the update... totally missing you!!!) really this cold weather has got to STOP. I'm sick of it already.
Wednesday is supposed to be nice... we'll see.
The next couple of weekends are jam packed with stuff to do, much to my sadness... nothing super fun either.
Wait, I take that back... Easter will be great because we are with my family for Brunch (and I love love love to go out for brunch).
We'll see what else April has to bring.

Ciao all,

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*the mama said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Greg, happy birthday to you.

now tell him he has a message, so he has to read....

hugs, love you, lets play soon.