Winter break

This week Calli's daycare has been closed. Hubby was home Monday and Tuesday and I am home the rest of the week. Monday and Tuedsay happen to be REALLY cold days so the duo had to stay home. Hubby was pulling his hair out by the end of the day Tuesday with our rambunctious toddler. So I knew I had to step up my game to keep this kid under control.
Yesterday we woke up at 6:30am very happy and ready to tackle the day. By 9:30 I was ready to get out even though we didn't have plans til 11. Calli and I have had a couple of successful trips to the library and since it is so close it is my go to plan. So we headed over there. We got there a few minutes before they opened and only had about 50 minutes to spend... perfect in toddler time. When we got to the kids section there were a bunch of other toddlers getting ready for story time!! Score. We have never done story time before, mostly because they are during the day. At first Calli was indifferent to it and wanted to leave, but then they pulled out the drums and she was hooked!!! It was hard to pull her away. Next we accompanied Nonna to her doctor's appointment and then off to lunch and some retail therapy!!! She was so good.

This morning we had some errands to run before we headed out on our adventure. This time Jaime and Rob joined us. We were going to go to the Science Center but since we only had a few hours we decided on the Wadsworth. They have a Coney Island exhibit that I was interested in seeing. Calli was awesome. She loved hearing her echo as we walked around but that was the extent of the naughty. She stayed close by the whole time and seemed genuinely interested in the exhibits. We ended our adventure at Bear's Smokehouse where we (minus Calli) got to enjoy some deee-lish BBQ.
Tomorrow we are planning a playdate to Timber Gyms in Newington. If that doesn't work out I have some tickets to Imagine Nation in Bristol.
 I wasn't that excited about having to take this time from work, I am working on a huge project right now. But we have had an amazing time and I am loving it. It helps that the weather has been cooperating.
Hope you have a great day!