Tomorrow I turn 38. I've been walking around singing "Knock knock knockin on 40s' door...."

Not since I turned 25 and then again at 35, have I felt the weight of a birthday. 
25 because it was a quarter of a century and that just felt like a lot (now I know better).
35 because I had just lost my baby and I was thinking about trying again and what that was gonna mean being 35, and I just wasn't in the mood of celebrating.
And now 38 because it is so close to 40 and there are still so many questions to consider.

I was very lucky last night to get the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my best friend at my favorite restaurant; without kids and without husbands. What a TREAT. She is seriously my touchstone and we have so much in common. She understands me, gives great advice and knows when I just need someone to listen to me.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will hold... literally and figuratively but I sure am excited to find out.


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