It is so cold. I barely know how to dress myself on a daily basis much less the little one.
We are just getting over some major bugs in our house. We all had a cold over the holidays. It was almost (a suspicious ear and eye) an ear infection for Calli. It was a bad cold for me and hubby got off the easiest.
Fast forward to this past weekend... I stayed home on Friday because I was just miserable with another cold.  Coughing, sore throat, watery eyes... the works. Calli had a not great, not bad day at daycare on Thursday but was great at night so I brought her in on Friday in hopes of getting some rest and kicking my cold to the curb. I thought she was just getting my cold. She stayed all day on Friday and had had a good day when I picked her up.
Saturday, 2am, she calls for me. Greg gets her out of the crib, brings her to me, she spends about 3 minutes in our bed and vomits. ALL OVER.  Then spends the next 6-8 hours vomiting every 15-30 minutes. It was just about the worst way to spend a night. I felt so bad for her... and for us. She started to feel better at about 8:30am. Then I limited her water and food intake the rest of the day in hopes of keeping the bug away.
Sunday we were all ok...
Monday morning 4am, hubby got it...yesterday, he got it again.
I am sitting here crossing my fingers I don't get it.


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