June Days

Yup, June is here, today. May was a blur, with something to do everyday.

There was:

  • Birthing class
  • Mother’s day
  • Doctor’s appointments and ultrasound
  • Commencement events and commencement on a super duper rainy soggy day
  • Gala
  • Finished one class (got an A-) started another super intense gonna be done in 6 weeks class
  • Began my month and a half of 4 day weeks (yay) (love it by the way)
  • Saw Gem of the Ocean at HartfordStage; shout out to the amazing and talented director Hana Sharif!
  • Surprised my sister for her 40th birthday; she was surprised and everyone had a great time
  • Read the 549 page bookclub book, still don't know where I found time for that one!
  • Had a really crazy not super fun Memorial day weekend (for another post) (other than the surprise party)
  • Started a baby registry. whoa.

    And here we are… June 1.

Oh the possibilities!



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