Mother's Day

This year is new for me. I am about to become a mom and that is so strange and crazy and exciting. I have to be the luckiest mom-to-be in the world because I have an amazing network of mothers to look to for advice and guidance and love. My mother, my sister, my aunts and cousins, my friends... Everyone has already been so amazing to me on this journey, I can only imagine how much more rewarding this becomes.
To my mom: who is by far the most amazing woman that I know. She is always there for me and when we are done chatting on the phone, she thanks me for calling and tells me how much she loves talking to me.
To my sister: who loves me unconditionally and shows me that every day. Every year I try to find the cards that says "Damn, how do you do it? And so that it looks so easy and so that your kids still love you?"
I'm not kidding when I say that I have a lot to live up to in the mom game.
I had a wonderful time today celebrating with my mom and sister and her family.
And then my husband treated me to the milkshake that I have been craving.
Thank you all and I hope that all the mothers out there are applauded and celebrated and loved and treasured today.

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