I wanted to write about my weekend yesterday but I got all caught up in writing about Dr Taylor. I hope you took the time to watch her speech it is great.
The rest of the weekend was... well... absolutely fabulous. At the last minute Friday hubby and I decided to have date night. We were going to head to the theater for the the "after party" and then decided that we might as well add dinner to that and then... again at the last possible second we decided to add theater tix to the mix. And the best part... the whole night was virtually FREE.
We had restaurant gift certificates from x-mas and birthdays that we hadn't yet used, I called in a favor from a friend for the theater tix and well the party was free anyway.
Noises Off! at Hartford Stage was AWESOME. Very funny! The actors were really great. Timing is everything in this show and they had it down pat! We laughed and loved it. Dinner was... ok. I am always so super critical when it comes to restaurants and we had some issues with the service. The food was ok. Nothing spectacular so I won't mention where we went. As always the after party was a lot of fun. It is my one opportunity to really get out and dance. I'm not really a bar or club girl so this is a fun night for me. The scene shop at the theater is cleared out and they generally have a DJ or some really great music and I get to dance dance dance. Hubby does not really like to dance so it is great because I have some old friends at the theater that I can shake my booty with. All in All... Friday was spectacular.
Made it really hard to get up on Saturday, after all we didn't get home til almost 2am. So needless to say Saturday was much more low key and that was just fine with me. I got to hang out with my lady HeatherE and we did some much needed shopping and chatting. She is one of those people that I feel like I can say anything too and she will not pretend to understand, or pretend to have all the answers but I know that she is not judging me and I know that when she does have something to say it comes from her heart. I can't go that long without spending time with her. Saturday night hubby and I stayed home and ate spaghetti... yum.
Sunday was my sisters' birthday. She is one of those people that you can't help but love. She is an amazing mother, sister, daughter (says my mom), friend and I can't go that long without talking or spending time with her either. It used to be that we couldn't stand one another... we are six apart in age. But these days... I look to her for advice, comfort and reassurance. I was so happy to be there for her birthday brunch. Her hubby and friend Cindy cooked up a delicious brunch and you know how I feel about breakfast.
And last but not least in the evening we went to yet another birthday event. My friend Ed from college had a birthday last week and we celebrated with a soggy BBQ. He can cook a mean piece of meat. By the time we got home Sunday eve we were bushed.
On to another week!

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